May 20, 2009

Time out

I took a time out yesterday. I needed one. Just a little time to get away. I didn't do anything really special, just browsed Old Navy and Michaels, constantly pulling things off the shelves then walking back through the store later, returning them to their rightful places. I do that quite often- talk myself out of purchases. I knew we didn't have the money for anything. I did find a pair of khakis for Jenna that were only $3.50 so I couldn't pass that up! At Michaels I picked up a few paints that were on sale because I want to work on painting the girls dollhouse with them. I can't wait to start making their plain dollhouse look pretty! I ended it all with a trip to the clinic for my birth control shot! Woo hoo! It's really not bad, I just like to make a big deal :)

Came home to this little handsome boy playing so nicely on his blanket-

Took the kids out for a bike/stroller ride in the late afternoon. I had to walk because we haven't been able to buy a helmet for Alex yet (I want to ride with him in my bike carrier). It really works out better this way for now anyway because Marah would ride too slow to keep up with all of us. I wish I had a bike trailer, then I could stick the two in there! Marah does ride her trike pretty fast though!

I let Marah handle the camera (something that always makes me nervous) to take my picture and she did a pretty good job.

Then we stopped at a playground and Alex got to sit outside in the sunshine for the first time this year! (It's been a miserable spring)

I think he enjoyed it :) It really is so nice to be able to have everyone go do stuff together. I love spending time together, even when it's just something simple. Poor Eric has been having a bad reaction to the sun this summer, though, so we need to figure out how to handle that. Hopefully using sunscreen will solve the problem. The last thing I want is for him to not be able to come outside with us this summer.

Seems that he is finally feeling better. He seems better everyday. We finally got his medication issues worked out and things are starting to look positive. Please keep praying that his health continues to improve.

Tonight is Jenna's Girl Scout troops final event. We're having a family pot luck at the park so I have to get to the store today and get stuff to make a fruit salad and find something small to give the troop leaders for all they have done for the girls this year. Volunteers really are amazing!

Better go get ready to face the day! Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. What a cutie! I love his blue eyes. I shop like that all the time - IRL and digitally:) I load up my cart, put 99% back, and checkout with one thing. It's very therapeutic!

  2. What a beautiful day! We really should get out on our bikes. It looks like fun. Well, Kelly and Zoë can ride their bikes and I'll walk. I'm anti-bike. It makes my tush hurt just thinking about it. LOL!

  3. i actually really like the pic she took too!

  4. I love spring! Did Eric shave his head? Alex is adorable as always, and the girls look so grown up. Is the picture Marah took your new profile pic on Facebook?

  5. yes, that's the profile pic. I love spring too, I just wish it were warmer here and not so cloudy!

    I love riding my bike. It has an old seat (nice and wide). I wonder why bike seats have gotten skinnier as America's butts have gotten fatter?

  6. there's no better way to shop. carry everything you could want around with you for a bit, and you find your passion for some of it dwindles enough to let you put it back without being sad. then you're left with the good stuff you just can't live without :)

    great pics. looks like it was a fun day. and alex is gonna break some hearts with those big blue eyes.


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