May 19, 2009

A dream

Marah woke up this morning in a good mood (something that's rare and something I'm always thankful for) and told me first thing about the dream she had last night. Short and sweet-

"Mommy, I was dreaming that I saw my friends. We were playing and just 'bee-rax' (pretend) I have a boyfriend!" *giggle*

Silly girl. I told her that she better be pretending! There will be none of that boyfriend stuff in this house! Then I kicked her in the butt. haha

I really did kick her butt, but it was a little kick ;)

Isn't it hilarious that she says "bee-rax" instead of pretend?! I don't know where she came up with that! I know she's really saying 'relax' but for some reason she thinks it means pretend. I keep using the word pretend to let her know how it is really said, but she keeps saying bee-rax. It cracks me up!


  1. that's cute! i'll have to use that-"bee-rax"!

  2. funny i had the same dream about a week ago.

    thanks for the comment...but japanese people do read my blog, so i deleted your racistness.

  3. your jap friends have no sense of humor ;)

  4. Be happy it is just a pretend boyfriend. Zoë has a husband. LOL! He sent her a love email today. SOOOOO cute!

  5. Hayden has that same "Yo Gabba Gabba" guitar.


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