May 28, 2009


Alex at 8 months old (already!)

Out in the yard yesterday, just enjoying the fleeting warmth and sunshine!

We're planning a little visit to the park today but it is looking cold and dreary out there so we'll see.

Went to the library yesterday and picked up the first of our Summer reading books. Jenna's read alouds will come from the Magic Tree House series. This series is a fictional series that teaches about different events and eras in history at a 1st-3rd grade reading level. I will be reading Matilda to the girls in June. And I also picked up a couple Nicholas Sparks novels that I haven't read yet. Hopefully I'll get a start on my own reading goal for the summer as well. :)


  1. My kids love(d) the Magic Tree House series...

    What Sparks novels are you reading? I love his books!

  2. Sounds like you guys are going to have a full summer. Love the photos!


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