May 21, 2009

Summer's Coming

Last night Jenna had her Girl Scout's end of the year celebratory picnic at the park. First of all, what a cute park! Apparently we have a little Japanese Friendship Garden in Grand Forks! Who knew?! :) I love discovering new and nice things about the area. There are nice little bike/walk trails there and bridges and statues. I can see taking the whole family for a picnic this summer and everyone enjoying it!

I had my hands full with all the stuff I had to bring- food, baby, diaper bag, blanket, bumbo seat- and then the stupid picnic shelter was a little trek from the parking lot. So I started out a bit frustrated but I dealt with it and it turned out okay. Thank goodness for my older kids who are my helping hands!

Poor Eric was not feeling well but I pleaded with him to just come for as long as he could. I knew it would mean a lot to Jenna, and it did. I know she was disappointed that he had to leave early, but I could tell she was glad that he came. I'm glad he came :)

I made fruit kabobs and they were a big hit! I took two huge trays full of them and everything was gone so quickly! I think my item was the only one that got all eaten up! That made me feel good. Even though I didn't cook it *haha* it took a long time to cut all the fruit and then stab it ;) It looked so pretty and I forgot to take a picture! I'll be doing it again this summer though. Gotta remember to take a picture.

Anyway, so I got lots of cute pictures. Jenna was just so proud of this event. They did a little flag ceremony and the Brownies who would be returning next year got certificates and pins (these are the second graders who will be in third next year). The Brownies who will be 'flying up' to Juniors next year had a different ceremony where they crossed a little bridge, got their new vests and then said some poems. It was very cute.


Marah kept herself busy on the playground and riding her little trike around most of the time. I didn't really have to worry about her much except to make sure she was still at the park! It was nice to have her keeping herself entertained, although she did come over a few times to ask me to push her on the swing, but I was stuck at the picnic shelter.

Alex ate his first strawberry and it was so cute! He absolutely loved it! He got all sticky and pink and smelled so good! During the entire ceremony he sat on a tablecloth in the grass and played by himself, razzing his tongue and drooling all over the place! He couldn't even see me for about 20 minutes and I kept looking over at him and he was just doing this the whole time! sorry for the shaky, bad quality!

Yesterday was a pretty nice day and today I plan to get some housework done, get a workout in, play with the kids, have a girls night out with my friend, Elizabeth, and just enjoy the sunshine! I'm going to try to really limit my computer time today. There is just too much to do!


  1. how adorable!! enjoy the sun!!

  2. Great photos, Ash. Jenna looks so proud and cute. I know she's glad you guys made it an important day for the whole family. You're such a great mom!

  3. I cannot believe how grown up Jenna looks! How did this happen so quickly?! Of course, when we became friends Zoë was about Eden's age now. Yikes.

    It is just the children getting older. Not us. ;)


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