May 26, 2009

New blog

I just wanted to let those who are interested know about my new blog. It's strictly about my weight loss journey and that way I can keep this a family blog and use that for recording my weight loss. I'll still put little snippets about it in here, but for the most detailed report you can check there. :)

if you don't care, it's all good! I just wanted to let you know it's there in case you were interested.

link is also in my sidebar

It's just been a pretty lazy day here. I sure wish the sun would come out every morning. it would just get me off to a better start every day! Today all I have done is a load of laundry, nap, and a workout. Otherwise I've just sat around for the most part. But I need to have those days sometimes. I've been so much better about getting things done lately so I'm not beating myself up about it. Just enjoying the little break.

Tomorrow I am getting together at the park with my friend Sarah and her two little girls. Should be a nice afternoon. I'm also hoping to start really working on a plan for next years school curriculum. Gotta start early so that I give myself plenty of time to plan things out. Still trying to decide if I want to take the leap into buying a curriculum or just plan it all myself. I've been researching curriculums for purchase and I'm just so scared to buy one. After purchasing Sonlight in February and having that be a complete disaster I'm nervous about buying anything else. I was lucky with Sonlight because they have a money back guarantee if it doesn't work for your child. It was a literature based curriculum that was just too advanced for Jenna.

I know I don't have many homeschoolers who read this blog (or maybe there are more than I am aware of) but if anyone has any suggestions for a 9 year old girl with high functioning autism who is a very visual learner and has the language skills of about a 6 year old please help! :) Thank you!

Just to leave you with a cute picture- Jenna loves her little brother so much. Well, Marah does too. They really just all love each other :) It's so sweet. Jenna loves to steal Alex away from me and take him into her room to watch movies with her. He usually cooperates for about 20-30 minutes before he gets bored. But she is very patient with him and plays with him and takes good care of him.

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  1. Ash, can you get her into K12 next year? I bet their elementary stuff is pretty good. And it's free! And then you could supplement the lessons however you want. I don't think you should buy curriculum. I don't think you'll be satisfied with any of it. But I think you could easily supplement any free curriculum just fine.

    The photo of Alex and Jenna is so cute! It's so weird to see him sitting there like a kid instead of a baby.


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