September 7, 2008

this takes a lot out of me

The littlest things take so much out of me now. We went to church this morning which was tough. I really wanted to not go today, but it was the first day of Sunday School for the kids plus I could choose not to go every Sunday if I let myself. I'm always happy I went though. It was a great service and the kids really enjoyed Sunday School so it was well worth the effort of getting up on a cool Sunday morning and rushing around to get everyone out the door on time. I make coffee almost every Sunday morning and then never drink any cause I'm just too busy! I was wishing I had that coffee in my system as they turned the lights down low for the last 15 minutes!

After church the girls had a birthday party for our former next door neighbor and it was at the indoor water park. I had to stick around for the party since there were a ton of kids there and I certainly couldn't leave Marah there alone. Marah was really timid about the water at first. I'm sure to a 3 year old that place is HUGE! She eventually worked up the courage to go down one of the big tube slides and from then on that was all she did over and over, walking up the stairs to the tube slide and looking completely overjoyed everytime she came out the bottom! Of course I forgot my camera... stupid!

Just walking around in that over chlorinated room with the humidity completely wore me out. Marah is exhausted and the girls are in their room watching Dumbo right now. I'm sure Marah is probably sleeping and will be up all night now... oh well.

And Ryan, this is a duplex, not an apartment. I'm sensitive to that issue LOL And we pay $675 a month.


  1. sound like me on a sunday morning! although i'm always snapping at everyone and stressed out as well (for some reason??). adam says his mom was that way too, so that makes me feel a little less like a crazy woman. lol. anyway, hey... i just put my coffee into a travel mug and take it to church with me!

    how many more weeks, now? i forget when you are due.

  2. ah, I totally should do that! Why didn't I think of taking the coffee with me?! duh...

    oh yeah, I'm always rushing around snapping at everyone and stressed out too. My goal is to not get into any arguments big enough to make me feel sheepish and humbled walking into church LOL

  3. I think it's just the mother's role on Sundays. It's something I've always struggled with, too (as you know) and my mom before me. Of course, her mom before her didn't, because they didn't go to church. Whatever, try not to feel too guilty. I bet more mothers than you would imagine do the same thing--even those really pious ones who act like they dont.

  4. Yeah, we did pretty good actually this week because I did plan a little ahead but of course Eric didn't so half the morning was dedicated to him coming out of the room with different shirts on asking if they looked stupid :)

    I think I did better because Eric's dad was here so I couldn't be as bold with my words as usual. It made me realize I can chill a little bit you know?

    And I think a big part of it is the desire to make everyone look nice that morning and of course, I can't count on Eric to know how to do that with girls hair and all. I mean, just yesterday he put Marah's swimsuit on backwards and had NO idea even though the front (which was really the back) came down so low that her nipples were just barely covered LOL we had a good laugh about that one.

  5. sunday mornings were always my favorite.

  6. lol, ryan.

    yeah, i'm always mad b/c i never hav anything to wear other than the same old jeans and sweatshirt that i wear everyday. and everything i own that looks nice is too small b/c i put on weight in the last year. Then, it like adam sleeps in until HE has to get ready (20 minutes before we leave), so i'm stuck getting the kids and myself ready, so we're always running late. if i ask adam to help, he does it wrong (haha).
    plus, i really am not a happy person if i can't sit down and drink my coffee and blog surf in peace before i start my day. no time for that on sundays unless i get up early, and who wants to get up early on a WEEKEND!?? i do that all week. i want a break. So, it's really a no-win situation. lol.

  7. my husband does the same thing Erin, I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in this. :)


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