September 6, 2008

can't you tell

So okay, now that I've finally found my card reader I've got all the photos to share. Now these are pretty much all from today. Can you tell I feel renewed in my new space? :)

We went down to the river today. We live very close to the Red River and there is a very pretty drive down to our home that takes you by the river. I just love going that way.

Typical Marah gives me attitude right off the bat.

There were crickets EVERYWHERE! The girls were pretty jumpy.

More Marah attitude

and two seconds later!

Checking out those crickets

Getting way too close to the edge for my comfort

No longer on the North Dakota side of the river

Marah is actually up a lot higher than she looks in this photo. Jenna is on a cement block about 2.5 feet high. So you can see how nervous Marah was! She's a good sport though. Of course my memory card was full at this point which was so disappointing cause I really wanted to try more angles but oh well.

We really did enjoy our day.


  1. Marah and Krista would be quite a pair together. Hilarious!

  2. oooh, that last one could be processed to look really cool.

    looks like fun!!

  3. so, are you officially homeschooling now? if you want to teach them japanese, i have every disney movie ever made. in japanese of course.


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