September 6, 2008

most of the house

These are the areas that have all been put away. They are not all completely decorated yet, but at least they are unpacked. We just have to buy more stuff LOL So don't judge our lack of furnishings or wall decor :) We'll get there.

This is looking down on our entry way. I would have taken a picture looking up from the door but I didn't. Basically you see the entrance to the kitchen when you look up from the door. Doesn't that ledge just look so fun for seasonal decorating?

This is when you turn right at the top of the stairs. Our living room. We have a lot of blank space right now that I'm trying to decide what to do with. We definitely are in need of a tall bookshelf or two (would be my preference). Oh and a real couch instead of the dang futon.

This is taken from the back of our living room looking toward the hallway. Directly to my right is the dining room which I'm not ready to show you.

This is looking into the kitchen from the dining room. This is like three times the size of our last kitchen. If you look in the back to the right there is that space that will be the kids "classroom" of sorts. Just the place where all their stuff is set up really. School is everywhere we go now :)

This is just looking at the other side of the kitchen from the same area.

This is looking toward the dining room. This is the doorway you see when you look up the entry stairs.

The girls room is at the very back of the hallway. This is looking to the left from their doorway.

This is standing between their beds looking at their reading nook. I can't wait to buy a comfy chair for this area and put something on the walls.

And this is standing in the reading nook looking towards Marah's bed and the tv area.

And that's all I want to show for now :)


  1. looks great! you've done a lot in such a short time, really! i'm jealous of your counter space. we have like, none. so annoying.

  2. I can't tell you how much I wish I could help you decorate! But it looks like you're off to a great start without me. The girls' room is so cute. I recognize Krista's old toddler bed (and the little side table that you've obviously painted white). Can't wait to see the dining room!

  3. I wish you could help me too cause I always feel so overwhelmed!

  4. jeeeez that place looks HUGE. thats an apartment? and i bet its like 1/5 what we would pay here.

  5. i think i've discovered the reason you can't afford a washer and drier...

  6. Super jealous of your island/counter. Had one of those at my last place. LOVED it. :)


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