September 13, 2008

sick and tired

We are all sick and tired. Well, all but Jenna. So far she has escaped the wrath of this nasty bug going through our house. Eric has caught the brunt of it and has been sick for about 2 weeks, poor guy. His cough is so bad our downstairs neighbor commented to me about it! LOL

About two days ago Marah started feeling sick and then yesterday it hit me. So now I am just trying not to worry about the possibility of A.) being sick in the delivery room and B.) having sick family members who won't be able to visit in the hospital :( I really hope that we can all get over this real soon. I've been taking Airborne for three days now in hopes that I'll get better faster. We'll see. Usually these dang colds just last forever.

Marah woke up at 5:50 this morning, sounding completely miserable. So I'm exhausted and just needing a nap. Today is supposed to be my day to vacuum and sweep and clean the bathroom and stuff but I'm not feeling like it's going to happen. I'll try though. Just one thing at a time.

I hope everyone else is feeling better than I am. Pray for my quick recovery :) Love to all!


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