September 15, 2008

That's Amore

The girls decided to play pizza parlour this morning and set up a little blanket in their room and made signs for their restaurant. At first the pizzas were going to be priced at $1 each but Jenna told me I had to pay her real money so she changed the prices to 5 cents when I told her that's all I had in cash LOL! Who carries cash anymore?!

Once the place was set up they got to work making their pizzas.

They had a great time making those :)

After that I made a banana bread mix... won't do that again. Not even close to homemade. Which makes me wonder how much more I might like certain things if I made them from scratch. Like blueberry muffins. I've never made my own, but I think I should.

Got through Jenna's writing and some reading before she got antsy and needed a break. That's one thing I love about having her home for learning. I can let her take a break when she needs to. So I sent her and Marah outside. They have basically complained the entire time they've been out there. They want to come in and play! I thought I was doing good to get them dressed and out in the sunshine. We won't have many days like this left this year. We've really been cooped up for almost a week since everyone has been sick and no one feels up to getting dressed and going outside. We all have just been snuggling around the house with blankets and movies!

I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow morning so hopefully I'll get an induction date set up here in case Alex decides to settle in for good.

Unpacking is still going on around here. I really need to get this cabinet painted and fixed up so that I can unpack a bunch of these boxes that are simply awaiting their storage space. Otherwise I'm just taking things one to two boxes a day which is more than enough to tackle on top of the laundry and dishes and bathroom and everything else. So I wish I were already done with it all but I'm feeling good knowing that it is getting done in baby steps rather than letting it overwhelm me and just not doing it at all.

Having all these windows and so much sunshine coming in all the time just makes such a difference in how I feel everyday. I notice such a difference if I don't open the blinds first thing in the morning. When I let the sun in I feel so much more motivated to get stuff done. If I leave them closed I am just so tempted to be lazy. So that's my rule for first thing in the morning: Open those blinds!

Alright, I better go. Kids need lunch and I need a nap badly!


  1. Cool project. You could do some fraction lessons with that pizza, too!

  2. yes, that's the plan once they are over the newness of it and allow me to cut them up :)

  3. heck yes. sunlight is a must to get things done. i notice that too... i clean more if it's bright.
    fun pizzas!

  4. Oh, yeah, I didn't think about that. Maybe you should let them do the cutting and serve each other a certain portion.

  5. why not just take the blinds off the window? who needs blinds?

    you could do a science lesson by burning those pizzas.

  6. And then you could teach them how to call 9-1-1.

  7. Yay! More pictures! No offense Ash, but I just rarely have time (ok...maybe I rarely TAKE time) to read lots of wordy blogs. I'm the photo type! I love seeing pictures of your kids....but it also makes me hate that I don't even know them.

  8. that pizza was the worst tasting pizza i have ever had.


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