July 4, 2008

Friday Feature: Mah Diary

Sunday, July 1, 1990
Rick is leaving today. I feel so sad. I will miss him very much. We also went to Souplantation. We then went to Aunt Carlas to go swimming.

-- wasn't that intriguing? LOL

Friday, July 6th, 1990
Today was a darn bad day. I got im in troube for laughing during an assembly when someone was tickling me. When I got home I had to clean my rood rood rood room before mom got home (I didn't). She said if we wanted to watch gost dad we had to clean them before daddy got home I did Ryan didn't so we couldnt go. Then I get grounded to my rood room.

-- life was tough. Makes me think of the time Ryan got so mad one morning that he wrote on the dry erase board we had at the end of the hallway "Today was the worst day of my life" and then he drew little pictures to illustrate his point. One included a drawing of me dropping a small triangle of sandwich on the floor. :)

Have a lovely 4th! We're doing something, but I am not sure what yet. Fun...


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