July 30, 2008

Oh Come On Now, Cut It Out

Seriously, you have no idea how often I find Joey's catch phrase playing in my head. Especially while watching TV.

Bob Saget's roast will be on Comedy Central in August and I think I'm so dorkily (a fabulous made up word you know) excited it's ridiculous. I'm actually hiding my true feelings about it from my husband because if he only knew what a nerd I still am for Full House, well... no husband should ever need to know that kind of obsession.

I hate to think how crazy I would get if there were some MMC (the All New Mickey Mouse Club) reunion or something, oh man, it would be weird. I still have so much of that silly, giddy girl in me. I still have all my VHS tapes with my recorded episodes on them. I have so many times tried to part with them cause I don't know if I'll ever watch them again and I know that even if I did want to relive those moments I could just hop over to You Tube but still, throw them out?! I don't think so!

Did you know that I don't drink pop from the can? I just can't stand it. I typically don't think much of this compulsion that I have but Eric really brought it to light this past weekend when I asked for a Diet Coke and a cup. Only half paying attention, as usual, he brings me a can of Diet Coke from Tera's fridge and no cup. Well, as soon as he puts it in my hand I realized it was not cold enough for me (it has to be really cold and these were obviously just put in the fridge like 20 minutes beforehand) so I reminded him "I need a cup... and could you put some ice in it too? This isn't cold enough." Now, he's still standing up you know, it's not like he was all comfy in his chair yet :) and he responds, "It's cold Ashley, you don't need ice, do you?"

"yes, I do"
Tera chimes in with "Oh, there's colder ones in the back, I just put those in there, shoulda rotated them."
So he takes my can and goes back to the fridge to get a cold can and I say "I need a cup too."
"You don't need ice, these are really cold."
"I know, you don't have to get me ice, I just need a cup."
so he starts walking over to me with a can and NO cup *lol* That man.
"Hun, I really do need a cup, I don't drink pop out of the can."
"You seriously need a cup?"

So he finally gets the cup. Really, wouldn't it have been a lot easier to just get it in the first place without question? So I explained to him (as I have many, many times in our near 10 years together) that I only like to drink out of the cup. I don't like to drink from the can and I don't like to drink from bottles either. This only applies to carbonated drinks and includes alcoholic drinks which is probably why I can only really enjoy beer out of a mug and prefer to take shots rather than sip on a Smirnoff drink. Or maybe I'm just a badass. I don't know.

Does anyone else have this quirk about them? I think my mom really only likes to drink out of a glass too. Maybe that's where I get it from. If I have to drink out of the can then I'll usually only drink 1/3 to 1/2 of it. I just don't like it.

When I go to the grocery store I have to get my milk bagged. Sometimes I swear that I've created a revolution, do you ever get those feelings? LOL Like something that you do that obviously is different from the norm and then suddenly it seems like it becomes the norm? For so long I had to specifically ask for my milk in bags. Sometimes I'd forget to ask, being busy loading other groceries onto the belt, and I would get so irritated at myself. I mean, I can't carry two gallons of milk while my arms are loaded up with bags, but I CAN if it's in bags. It wasn't a huge deal when we had our own house, but living on the third floor of a crummy apartment building with no elevator it is a very bad thing, trust me. So I absolutely never forget now.

Anyway, so I used to always have to ask and sometimes I got looks, you know, "Um, hello lady, these things have handles built INTO them! What the hell do you need a bag for? You lazy bum!" kind of looks. Then one day, the cashiers started ASKING ME! "Would you like your milk in bags?" but they still had that "look". And now, I find that almost always they automatically just bag my milk, no questions asked, no looks to be found! I know this seems silly, but it's a big deal to me!

So now, I find myself being completely obsessive-compulsive about the whole process and I'm telling you, you'd probably think I was the most nutso woman on earth if you were with me when I bought milk. The lady at Walmart on Monday sure did give me a look. You see, I HAVE to make sure that the milk sits squarely in the center of the bottom of the bag. A lot of times they bag the milk and the bag is crooked and, well, it bugs the crap out of me! I don't want to have tilty bags when I'm loaded up with 80 freakin' pounds of groceries trying to make my way up all those stairs, kids under foot (literally, I swear) and feeling like I'm about to pass out (this has gotten really really bad since I've been pregnant). So I check my milk and rearrange it if I'm not happy with it. I'm telling you, this lady looked at me like I had serious issues.

I'm beginning to think I do.


  1. I completly understand about the milk. I usually get them in bags too. I don't like the condensation(half hour ride home) on the sides getting on my hands. I think it's gross. I've gotten that look too, but I always thought that they were thinking I was destroying the environment with my one extra bag in the landfill. I really do try to reuse those bags! Now they have the cloth ones you can buy next to the plastic when you check out. I don't feel guilty enough yet to buy bags when you can get them for free.

  2. I have thought that too. I do reuse the bags, but I have also now been trying to recycle them, which you can do at Wal Mart now. I just bundle the majority of them (since we've cut out diapers we don't need them too often now) and drop them off at my weekly shopping visit.
    Even though I've been hesitant to buy the cloth bags, I'm really thinking of switching. When you think of how many of those bags get used every single day it's kinda scary, actually a lot scary! At target they have some really cool bags for $1 that fold up like a wallet for small things or the bigger bags for $1.50. I figure if I just buy one each time I go it's not that much of an expense and before I know it I'll have a collection plenty big enough.

    Also, I think it might be a lot easier to carry all those groceries if I could throw all those tote bags over my shoulder instead of having a thousand plastic bags digging into my palm and wrists!

  3. I wonder if they put their store name on the cloth bags? I would probably end up in Hugos shopping with a bunch of Walmart bags. They do seem a lot more sturdy. When Fred buys his half gallon jar of pickles I get a little nervous about it busting through the bag:)

  4. LOL I think they do, but who cares? or maybe they have a policy and you'd get kicked out of the store :) could you imagine?! too funny.

  5. Ok, first uff all, vho are you undt vhat haf you done mitt mein first born? I mean, vhat iss up mitt ze kussingkt undt ze talk uff drinkingkt undt ze milk obsession undt ze kids underfoot undt ze valkingkt up zree schtories mitt groceries? Kome on no Seig Heil!

    H*ll yeah I go to khurch undt h*ll yeah I'm a Khristian. But uff kourse, nicht mein place to chudge.

    Ok, so back to buyingkt groceries. Mein pet peefe iss vhile loadingkt mein groceries onto ze konfeyor belt vhich schcattered r-r-remains uff vho knows vhere zat liqfid kame from. Kould it be meat drippingkt, a milk chug leakingkt, etc? I don't vant mein groceries in it fur me to zen take home. I vill drag out ze process until I find a dry spot to put mein items on ze belt so as nicht to touch any vet spot. Undt vhen asked, I tell zem vhat's up. Undt zen zere's Kostco vhose employees vant to kome by undt help you mitt your items undt look at you funny vhen you r-r-reqfest zey nicht help.

    Anyways, zat's mein take on it. Kiss mein grentdaughters fur me.

    Lofe you all,


  6. are you insinuating that because I said hell and ass that I am not a good Christian? LOL get with the times dad ;)

    oh and okay, enough with the weird typing. It was hilarious once, now it's just getting annoying cause I don't have time to sit here and try to translate your rambling!

    and yes, I hate that too. especially when I worry that it's from meat... don't get me started.

  7. Hmm, I have no idea where you get that from! You weirdo!

  8. i HAD to comment on this because I am the BIGGEST full house fan, owning all the seasons on dvd :) I know im a nerd.

  9. i had a feeling you'd have to say that Gare LOL

  10. oh gosh, maybe we are related...I completely understand the milk in bags thing and not tilty! I admit I am OCD about some things....oh yeah, I just recently have been able to drink soda straight from the can...


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