July 12, 2008


Just a couple random Jenna quotes that I had to record.

So we've been having issues with the kids opening the fridge all the time for no real reason and it drives me crazy (yes, I'm such a mom). So I have started disciplining the girls when they open the fridge without asking by making them sit in time out. Jenna has caught on very quickly and now almost always asks first.

Yesterday she was talking about the privileges she will have when she is grown up. She asked me if when she is 31 she can go to bed at 14 o'clock, and if she could eat treats whenever she wants. Then later she comes up to me and asks "Mom, when I'm grown up, can I open the fridge and freezer?" I just cracked up. Wasn't expecting that question. Apparently opening the fridge is really a big deal :)

I was just interupted by Marah, dressed in a snow white dress with red satin gloves, and gold slippers. She handed me a wand and told me to fight her "Say hi-ya!". It was red velvet purse against pink plastic wand. LOL

This morning Marah woke me up far too early as usual (7:30) and I am so tired, which of course is my own stupid fault for staying up with Eric watching movies until 3:30 am. He kept telling me to just go to bed but I was being stubborn and wanted to go to bed at the same time. So I got a little less than four hours of sleep which usually leaves me extremely crabby but I've been working really hard on not taking out my feelings on my kids so I'm being unusually patient this morning. I'm really pleased with how well I've been following through on this.

Jenna laid in bed awake for about 40 minutes this morning. She was looking all cute and snuggly and I just left her alone cause Marah is so much easier to deal with when she's not fighting with Jenna. Finally I walked by Jenna's room and she said "Mom, come wake me up." So I went in and sat on the edge of her bed and said hi and then I laid my head on her tummy in a sort of hug and she says "MOM! You're gonna make me pee!" LOL

The girls bring me stress, but mostly they bring me joy :)

We're going to the fair today I believe. Well, Jenna said that "Grandma's taking us to the fair on Saturday" and we have not clarified this with Grandma so we are unsure but at this point it better be true or we'll have one very sad little girl on our hands! Of course, we'll take them either way, but if Grandma and Grandpa come then the kids will probably get rides and treats. It we go alone the kids will go look at the animals and that's probably about it! :)


  1. Life w/o stress.......is there such a thing? Naaaah!

    Praying for you, loving you, always thinking of you. (and your family of course)


  2. your kids sound like so much fun.

    I remember when I was five I had phnemonia and it was near my birthday and i was convienced that when I turned six I would never get sick again and I said to my dad. "Dad, pretty soon I'll be six and you won't have to worry about me getting sick again." I was so serious. Kids are great. =]

  3. When Leah was younger she didn't quite get the concept of adoption. She thought that everyone would eventually get adopted, but that, until then, they weren't in their "forever family." She said, "I don't think Katie's (our neighbor's daughter) been dopted yet. That's sad, isn't it, Mom?"


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