July 31, 2008

And one more thing

Did you know that I cannot stand the way the air feels on my hands when I've been in the water for any extended amount of time? Even after my shower I can barely stand it.

I've gotten a lot better about it because I figured out a trick that seems to work for me- when I get out of the water I have to immediately put lotion on my hands. Usually two times does the trick. I put the lotion on, and then about 5 minutes later a little more.

As a kid I used to walk around after baths and swimming for literally hours holding my hands into little balled up fists so that I wouldn't have to expose them to the air. I did everything with my hands in fists from getting dressed to eating.

If only I had discovered this little trick when I was younger, I could have avoided years of tormenting and teasing from my mom and Aunt Carla. ;)


  1. thats the beginning of OCD dude. watch out.

  2. everyone has some OCD tendancies. :)

  3. not me. but then i am an exceptional individual.


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