July 18, 2008

I miss a lot

I forget to blog so often and I hate that. Okay, truthfully, I don't forget... I just get lazy :) But anyway, I wish I didn't. I worry that by not blogging that I'm going to end up forgetting special stuff and that makes me sad.

So here are a few things I wrote down on a notepad document to make sure I would eventually blog about them.

The girls have been making me crazy with their latest thing they learned from their friends. Basically whenever they watch tv now they "claim" a character that they are going to "be". When watching WonderPets- "I'll be Ming Ming!" "I'll be Winnie!" "No, I'm Winnie!" "No, you're Ming Ming, remember?" followed by screaming. Or Jenna will tell me who I am going to be. "Mom, you be the blue one and I'll be the pink one okay?" I don't know why this bothers me so much. I think it's mainly because they learned it from the neighbors and for some reason whenever they pick up something from their friends it drives me crazy. Other peoples kids drive me crazy. LOL

This past weekend we were supposed to go to the fair on Saturday with the in-laws however it was so windy and then eventually rainy that we couldn't go. I felt so bad cause the girls were really counting on it so I suggested we all go bowling instead. So we went to the bowling alley and had a fun time all together. Marah was cracking me up with her bowling technique. I caught this shot of her just as she released the ball. She did a jump shot apparently LOL it looks like she was dancing, but that was just as the ball left her hand.

Here is Jenna picking up a spare

Somehow this good looking guy ended up bowling with us :)

Then he asked to have his picture taken with my daughter. She's not as gangster as he was though:

On Sunday we went to church and the sermon was wonderful and so inspiring. Eric and I were both so glad that we went. We are really liking this new church! I can't even tell you how much of a difference the teachings we have heard at the past two attendings have impacted us both. All I will say is God is good and I am thankful.

After church we went to the fair. We had no money so we couldn't buy any ride tickets and I did feel bad about that cause Jenna really wanted to go on some rides but we did go over to the petting zoo and they thought that was pretty neat. There were even llamas there which was cool.

At the petting zoo they were selling little cups of grains to feed the animals with. We hadn't bought any yet and I wasn't planning to unless the girls asked. So we're wandering around, petting animals and this lady standing next to Marah puts a cup of food out and a sheep starts eating from the cup. Marah looks over and starts freaking out, stamping her feet and shreiking "Let me do it!!! I wanna do it" and grabbing at the cup!!! I was just standing there at first in shock LOL then I said "Marah, stop that!" and the poor lady just looks down at Marah and says "Um, excuse me.." Oh man, it was so embarrassingly hilarious. I realized that Marah had thought that the woman was me. I mean, she would never do that with a stranger but she just came across as the biggest brat on earth at that moment.

We're working on the attitude. :)

Sunday night was the first night of Vacation Bible School at the church so we took the girls over there and then Eric and I spent some time with Mike and Abby having dinner and playing ping pong at their hotel. When VBS was over Abby and I went to pick up the girls. We were standing at the back of the sanctuary watching the kids sing and dance. Jenna was so into it. I kept hoping she wouldn't see me cause I knew that she would become embarrased and stop dancing if she did. She was just being so carefree and happy, it was fun to watch her. Marah on the other hand... LOL she was trying to dance but she had a little paper bag by her side which had her little art project from the evening in it and she was protecting that bag with all her might! She would stand by it and have her hand down by her side, trying to make sure no one took it or stepped on it. She just kept looking at it. Oh it was cracking me up. She was so concerned about it poor thing.

They had a lot of fun and they went for four days. Jenna absolutely loved it. Eric and I went on Wednesday for their little party where they showed us the songs they learned and the bible verses they learned. It was cute. We had a good time.

Anyway, after VBS on Sunday we went back to Mike and Abby's hotel and went swimming. Well, they all went swimming. I got stuck on kid duty and had to stay pretty much by the steps the whole time making sure Marah didn't slip out of her floatie or fall into the pool any of the many times she climbed out and ran along the edge. I couldn't have it any other way though, even if Eric took over I'd be too paranoid to really enjoy myself. That's just how I am :) Marah was too funny though. She was so excited to be able to swim and she kept talking about her floatie only she called it her "boobie" over and over and over and it was hilarious. I never got tired of hearing it! "Where's my boobie?" "My BOOBIE!!" "Jenna, that's your boobie, this is my boobie." Oh man...

Eric and I had lots of time to ourselves this week with the kids in VBS for two hours each night. We used this time to hang out in various places and have a bible study. We're working through a study on self control and it's been very helpful. I even got to have an iced white mocha this week, something I haven't had in years! It brought me back to high school. It was really good. :)

Yesterday was Jenna's first gymnastics class. She was soooo excited! Dick and Terri were in Grand Forks so they took us out for a quick dinner and then we all headed over to watch Jenna's class. Jenna did pretty well. She had some issues with following directions, but mostly did good with everything. You could just see in the way she was carrying herself that she was so proud of herself and thought this was just the coolest thing in the world. She was best on the balance beam which surprised me! They had them try out the balance beam, do some bar exercises, try cartwheels, walkovers and backward rolls. Plus they got to do lots of jumping into the big foam pit which looked like a lot of fun. Marah was very jealous and made me really wish I had signed her up as well. Maybe next season. I want to see how Jenna does with these 5 weeks and then I'll think about signing them both up for the 10 week fall course.

Okay, so here I am finally caught up!! Whew! Now I need to go get ready cause we have to get over to the library today and then after lunch I have to get this place cleaned up cause there is a showing of our apartment tonight. Fun stuff. Have a lovely day!


  1. I really and truly enjoyed this update Ashley! I could picture so well what you were describing. Tell everyone I said hello.

    Love you all,


  2. Ash, you're really good about making special family memories with your kids. They may not remember each event, but they'll remember that you guys did stuff together often. That photo of Marah bowling cracked me up. But I didn't see the good-looking guy you mentioned. : )

  3. gracious, your kids are cute.

    it seems to be your lot in life to guard little children at the pool. =p


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