June 27, 2008


I really hate the humidity. :( It's really not that hot, only about 78 degrees, but it's so humid. I'm just all sweaty and I still need to clean up which will only aggravate this condition! sigh...

Anyway, I am posting those photos from yesterday as mentioned in my last post. We went to the "Kids in the Park" event yesterday. We got a late start for various reasons which is very typical when we are all going somewhere :) But we spent an hour there and went to all the little craft tables and the girls enjoyed it. They really wanted to do the bounce house and get a free balloon animal, but as you can imagine the lines were really long and with only an hour left before the event ended I didn't want to spend half our time just standing in line. So we skipped it. They were a bit bummed but it wasn't too bad.

The park was beautiful! I had never been there before! It's right over by University of North Dakota. They have a splash park there and a neat playground and lots of lovely flowers and a little bridge so I think I found another great photo op spot! Definitely gotta go back there soon. We were gonna go today but it was overcast and I didn't think it was warm enough to don swimsuits.

Little criminals

painting some big tube thing

jenna's painting

say cheese

at the make a door knob hangy thingy table

Think she'll run out of room?

that's what I thought

they're so crafty ;) lol

making a pinecone bird feeder

She was so excited to see this bear, until he asked for a hug

I pushed her into it though :)

high five

showin' off the tatts


Tomorrow is another Farmer's Market and there will be a petting zoo there this time so we are planning to make another trip over there. The girls will surely enjoy that. Marah LOVES animals, she loves to pet them and she is not afraid. Okay, gotta go, the kids are needing me.


  1. how fun!
    sorry about the humidity :(
    take some pics at your new found spot soon!!!

  2. Ash, there is one photo where Jenna looks so much like you and Marah looks just like Eric. It's so weird to see your faces on other people! Great photos. Looks like you guys had fun--especially the girls.


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