June 7, 2008

n.u.d.i.e.s. and potty mouths

As Marah is walking though the sliding door from the balcony she trips a bit and says "Ouch! Foley Crap!" and then goes on her merry way LOL I thought that was pretty cute.

Later this evening Jenna is fiddling with a piece of paper that is under one of the dressers. She pulls it out and then crumples it up and runs to the garbage with it, Marah trailing behind shouting "What is it Jenna?!"

So I say "Hey, Jenna stop, show me that picture."

"No, it's ugly."

"Well, let me see anyway."

Jenna starts getting upset and runs to her room holding the paper in a crumpled ball. At this point I'm figuring it's probably a drawing of something inappropriate. She is good for that. So I sit on the bed and proceed to take the picture from her hand. Now she is crying pretty hard and insisting that she doesn't want me to see the picture.

When I get it uncrumpled I find that it is a drawing of a boy and a girl in the water going for a skinny dip. Oh geez... LOL

Funny thing is that the girl has no b.o.o.b.s. and they both have no identifying gender parts :) they're like Barbies (minus the cleavage). And they're just swimming.

So it's not that bad. But she is embarrased as can be. So I just had to talk to her about it and try to figure out why she was so upset that I would see it and explain that she never has to be scared to show me her drawings and that I am not mad. She finally calmed down. It's a tough thing to deal with and I don't really know how to deal with it to be honest. It's a lot harder when you're dealing with a child with a language issue. I just do my best and pray that it's the right thing.

Have a lovely weekend :)


  1. Hmm, now where did she hear "foly crap!"? And where did Jenna see people skinny dipping? What kind of people are you!!!?
    This was too funny. I can just picture Marah saying that. Hilarious.

  2. atleast shes not drawing pictures of peoples heads being ripped off by werewolves.

    maybe they were tribal people. cause then its not real nudity.

    i love those ratings

    this film contains violence and tribal nudity.

    so...there's naked people in this, but they're ugly, so its ok to show it on tv.

  3. you're lucky I wasn't drinking anything Ryan, cause I would have spit it at my computer :)

  4. If you lived in Vermont or somewhere like that, this would not be an issue, because it's totally ok for people to walk around naked in many areas there.

    My question is, what is b.o.o.b.s an acronym for? And I still don't understand why I have to type "fngxpqwi" to post this!


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