January 21, 2012

Taking care of business

I haven't done much around the house lately. I've managed to keep things running but it seems just barely. I do have the kids help me but sometimes I even get lazy with enforcing that. Lately my life has just completely revolved around caring for the children, worrying about Eric, stressing about money, and generally making mountains out of molehills. The littlest things send me crashing into frustration and drowning in tears. So I have all but abandoned housework, doing only the most necessary things to get by on a daily basis. Okay, honestly, I haven't even done that much. I've pretty much done laundry and had the kids do dishes and picking up. Our home is in a sad state of affairs.
So, today, I have decided to fix that dilemma because, really, who can get anything done when their home is in disorder? Alex is napping and Eric and the girls are at the movie theater so I have made it my mission to get things in order this afternoon. Unfortunately it's a big job and so I won't be able to get it in perfect order (although I don't know if that would be possible regardless of the amount of time I have) but I am planning to at least get it to where I'm not overwhelmed whenever I look around.

My goals for today:
* get things in some semblance of order at home
* fill out my student loan reduced payment paperwork
* crochet 6 rows in the blanket I'm making
* make a plan for school for next week
* make a menu plan for next week

My goals for Sunday:
* Print out any worksheets or other materials needed for school
* Gather any supplies needed for school projects
* vacuum, dust, sweep, and mop the house
* Write out plans for turning the dining room into a school/play/craft room
* Move the bookshelf in from the garage
* Write out a calendar for the week so that appointment and meetings are not forgotten
* crochet 6 rows on the blanket

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  1. awesome. can't wait til tommorow to read up and see how you feel after your accomplishments... (I don't have to either! because you wrote this 4 days ago!) :-)


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