January 15, 2012

4-H Project Expo

Jenna had her first project fair for 4-H last weekend. It was definitely a learning experience. We had no idea what to expect and we were unclear as to what the project guidelines were and so she left with one of only 3 red ribbons that were given out (the lowest scoring projects of the day) but she knows what to do for next time. Her project ended up being more of a science fair type project and I think that hurt her score a bit. Anyway, here are the pictures of her working on the project and the display at the expo. It was a good experience for her.


  1. Good for her for participating AND for the red ribbon! How exciting! I wish we had 4H in our area...so many people whose blogs I read have children involved in 4H and it seems to be such a worthwhile experience!

  2. She did a fabulous job and with such a great attitude too. She is a sweet girl with a tender heart. I enjoy your family so much. <3 Melissa


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