January 17, 2012

Friends and Fairytales

The kids and I went to visit a new friend today. Heather sat and talked to me about gardening and gave me some seeds to work on my own produce garden this summer. The girls, Grace and Abagale, played with the kids and had a good time. Marah and Jenna really liked spending time there and the girls are very sweet.

After our play date we all headed to the library for a workshop about fairy tales. Teressa Wilde read to the kids and then the elements of a fairy tale were discussed. All the kids had the opportunity to write their own fairy tale and the girls really enjoyed it.

Eric had the scope done but nothing was found. The doctor basically recommended that he cut out dairy for a week to see if things improve. I'm really disappointed by the lack of results and I feel like the doctor didn't even really try to figure anything out. A whole week of wait and see which means 2 weeks of no working. This is really hard on us and I'm having a really hard time not falling into a deeply depressed state. It's so frustrating after the high I felt when Eric got this new job. One week of work, one week of feeling like things were getting better, then this happens and I just don't know how to deal with it.


  1. I am so sorry. Life can be bitterly disappointing and frustrating at times. I am so sorry that you are feeling down, and depressed. I have had many times of feeling that way and I empathize with you. Money issues, job and sickness...they can really bring emotional havoc sometimes. I guess I am not being very encouraging, but am saying I feel your sadness, and I am sorry that you feel those things. I truly hope things begin to feel better soon. Hugs, and prayers (will begin praying right now) Melissa

  2. How timely that I am to read this today. I was just reminded of one of God's promises: "There'll always be a new day at the end of every hard one. It doesn't matter what's going on, I'm the one to get you out. I'm gonna take you where the sun lights up your face, where you can't remember yesterday. 'Til the hurt has been replaced, I'm coming to take you away" -Kerrie Roberts' song "Take You Away"

    I pray this has helped encourage you the way it did me and that since this blog was written over a week ago, that maybe, just maybe, you didn't need the reminder because you're in a better emotional state now anyways. I love you.


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