January 14, 2012

Birthday Gifts

Marah created a little treasure map to help Daddy find his birthday gift that she made for her. He had fun playing along with her game. And the gift? A homemade version of the story of Snow White and the Seven "Dwarfs." Jenna gave him a painting that she had planned to sell but decided to let him have it. ;)

Sorry about the bad quality of these photos. I am too lazy to edit them and my camera is just getting worse and worse I think.

"Is this my present?"
"Dad! Oh my gosh!"

"Dad!! *laughing* No!"

He finally found it!
"Did you wrap this all by yourself?"
"Wow! You are getting as good as mom!"
"I know!"

I just loved watching her watching him as he read her book.


  1. Wow!They looks so cute together and i think it is the best gift ever and she has got every thing on his birthday including his dad

  2. SKYRIM!!!!!
    I want to play that, but it wont run on a mac :(
    Happy birthday Eric. Nice stache. Were you inspired by me?
    I think you were.


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