August 27, 2008

OH man

So I am realizing that I only have a few days left and so much to do still. I am trying to focus on what I have accomplished and know that even though I probably won't get everything done that I wanted to do before the move (mainly sorting through clothes and boxes of stuff in the garage), I did get a lot done. And that's something to be happy about. No matter what, I got rid of a lot of stuff. Still though, I wish I could have gotten it all done. But I should have started earlier. I was just not motivated enough until we had a place lined up.

Now I'm down to the nitty gritty stuff that I really don't want to do. The kitchen is almost done. So we are living on really simple foods until moving day. Bought disposable dishes and stuff yesterday so I can pack everything up. So I had this great idea to break everything down into a list and I figured that would make things easier for me... instead it just overwhelmed me as I kept adding more and more to that list! LOL

I have got to get to work. I really need to focus on getting this stuff done now! There is no more time for procrastinating. So with that I say good bye for the day :)


  1. oh, man.... i SOOOO feel for you! i hate that list! lol.

  2. Yes, the mess! It shows how far you've come when you finally finish it! Very gratifying. This is the point where I just start throwing everything in a box. I don't care if it's a broken pencil, a throw pillow and a book--it all goes in the same box. This is where the girls really can help. Give them some boxes and put them in a room.

  3. seriously mom, you CAN throw stuff away. broken pencils? really?


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