August 20, 2008

I'm having no fun... no fun

I was just thinking of a little ditty Michelle Tanner sang when she was grounded.

But truly, this is no fun. Not that this is a surprising revelation or anything, but still. I just keep thinking, I only have 4 weeks (maybe 5) left before Alex is born and I'm doing this?! It sucks. I want to be having fun with the girls and just enjoying the end of summer because God knows soon I'll be stuck inside day in and out with frigid temps and nasty snow.

Oh well.

Today my main plan is to get some cleaning and laundry done. Probably pack a few boxes but nothing too overwhelming. The cleaning is enough. I have to do dishes and clear the counters. Also the kitchen floor is nasty so that will be done. I am using resolve on the carpets in the really bad areas and it looks much better. Laundry is insane so I'll be washing, drying, folding and packing that today. Plus cleaning the bathroom cabinets which have already been emptied. I just need to scrub them out.

Our place is a bit of a disaster right now and we have two apartment showings this afternoon. I'm doing my best to keep things in decent order but my goodness, they have been showing this place for nearly two months and not leased it yet so at this point I figure if they aren't getting any takers when I work hard to clean then what's the point? At this point I don't really care. We have to pack and packing means mess so too bad for the management. If they don't rent this place before we move out it won't be my problem.

Alright, enough procrastinating. Later!


  1. im not ignoring you. i need to buy my ticket. jeez it takes 8 hours to fly there. one more hour and i'd be in JAPAN!

  2. cause of the layover I assume? you need to call me.


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