August 25, 2008

A little practice

Today I had my hospital tour and the whole family came with me. I think the girls were really hoping to see a baby but the nursery was empty as all the babes were with their mommas. I was glad to get a look at the place though and just get a run down of what their procedures are here. Every hospital is different so it's good to have that tour. This is something I really wish would have been offered to me when Jenna was born. Maybe it was and I just didn't know... who knows. I'm just glad that is all behind me! :)

There is a really nice little family lobby area with tv and toys and a computer that must be online so that will be great for posting to my blog and Eric can post when the baby is born and all that. The postpartum rooms have two beds so Eric can stay there with me which will be nice. Eric is getting excited, I am getting nervous! I just don't want to have to deal with labor and delivery again.

We got a little pack of diapers (Pampers, my favorite) and wipes and the nurse who was so sweet to the girls gave them each a bag full of premie diapers and a bottle and a teddy bear. So they came home and went straight to work practicing diapering and feeding and just being good mommies. They were so sweet.

Alright, we're going to watch a movie now so I'll be seeing ya!


  1. Oh, man! I sure wish I was going to be there when you have the baby. I hate that I'm missing all the important stuff. Sounds like you all had a great hospital visit. Those are really cute photos of the girls.
    Love you!

  2. believe me, I wish you were here too. I have a great support system here, but nothing compares to you :)

  3. don't worry mom i'll have my babies in japan...

    ...oh wait.

  4. Ryan, you're such a brat!


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