August 13, 2008

Looking better

Things are looking better on the home front. We have not gotten a call saying that they could not process our application because the unit is already reserved so looks like in that area we are in the clear!

I really hope that we will get this place. I really like it a lot. It's a good size for us and the only things that are lacking are a second bathroom which I will definitely miss but can deal with, and a washer and dryer. It does have hookups though so we'll be on the lookout for a good deal on a used set.

The kitchen is a great size and the dining area is also plenty big. There is a little alcove area that might work for our computer desk and a large storage closet which is always needed. The bedrooms are on the small size, but we're used to that and as long as we have 3 we can deal with the smaller size there. We need to find bunk beds for the girls so that they will have more play room but there's time for that too. Everything looks like it's been remodeled in the last year or two so it's all very nice, much nicer than what we're living in now and while it's on the second level of a two story house, it's only a 6 step incline since the lower level is half underground.

Anyway, we both really loved it and we're getting excited! Now to just get all this stuff packed! I'm working so hard to get rid of our clutter, packing boxes and bags to donate to the thrift store and then trashing what's unusable. I really want to move in with what we love and need, not all this stuff that's been sitting unused for over a year in both our spare bedroom and our garage. We just have too much stuff and I am not going to be taking all the junk to our pretty new place.

Anyway, please continue to keep our situation in your prayers. We have 2 1/2 weeks to be out of here and we really need to have a place to go! :)

love to all


  1. i hope it works out for you! sounds wonderful :)

    i feel you in the junk department. we have so much stuff, it's ridiculous. things we hold onto b/c we might use it b/c we needed it at somepoint enough to buy it. lol. our new place is a good 900 sq ft smaller, so downsizing is a must. it's so hard, though!
    keep us updated! :)

  2. Very exciting stuff. Moving is always such a hassle, but can be a cleansing, too. Can't wait to hear that you got the place!


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