August 18, 2008

looking good

Things are looking good for this new place. We called today and were basically told we just need to pay our late fees to our current management company and the place would be ours. Well, we don't have $345 laying around (that's 1 legitimate late rental payment, 2 incorrectly marked as late rental payments *grrrr* and 3 $75.00 month-to-month lease fees that we didn't realize would be a part of switching to a month-to-month lease when our one year lease was up) so we called the management and they said we could just use our deposit to pay for it. So we called back the new property place and told them. Our leasing agent basically just has to call up the credit check place and get an approved application back from them and the place will be ours. Did that make sense?

So it looks like the duplex is ours and I'm very excited! I just cannot wait to get out of this apartment and all moved into our nicer, newer place. The moving is going okay. We got a lot of boxes down to the garage and I have 2 bedrooms plus both bathrooms all packed with the exception of the neccessaries that we will need until we move out. Those will just all go into the truck last so that they are the first things pulled out.

I have also gotten rid of about 14 boxes worth of stuff that we didn't need. And this is only so far. I still have several areas to go through and I know our kitchen will be full of stuff we don't take with us.

I know all this moving and packing blogging is boring but it's really all I have going on right now. It's all I do most of the day. Tomorrow is the last day of Eric's weekend so we need to get a lot done while he's here. I'm getting to one of those points in the process where I don't know what to do next. I hate that. I think part of the problem is just all the furniture sitting around. It takes up so much space and makes me feel like I still have so much to pack.


  1. Good luck on the packing! I HATE PACKING. I have officially been at my place for one year, which is an all-time record. Good luck with duplex and the big move! (I don't know how you're doing all of this preggers. I really don't. You should get a mom-of-the-year award or something.)

  2. Hang in there Ash, it will totally be worth it! Mike and I drove by your "new" home and it is really cute! I can't wait to see it. I wish I lived closer so I can help does get overwhelming at times, that's when you just start throwing things in boxes and sealing them up! LOL I think I had kitchen, bathroom and bedroom stuff all mixed together in boxes. At least it made it, right!?!? HA!

    Take care and good luck with everything! :)

  3. yeah, I'm sure it will get like that at the end. Although, I'm still holding out hope that it won't happen like that! Thanks for the encouragement and hey, stop by this weekend and help ;)


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