April 24, 2008

productive scrap morning

So I have been reading one of my favorite blogs and just feeling inspired. She is a template creator and I love using her templates to get my layouts done. Anyway, she has four kids, her fourth one is just a month old and I am always so inspired when I see what all she is able to accomplish with so much going on in her family life. She is an amazing person. Anyway, so this morning I'm reading and see that she is getting her 5 year old involved with digital scrapbooking by using templates! These pages this little girl is creating are so cute! And I was just thinking, I should definitely get Jenna involved in that. She would really love doing it and she's so good with the computer that I'm sure she could get it in no time. So I'm gonna try to get her started on that.

So I pulled out some templates and started scrapping. I really should do this more often. I get so overwhelmed sometimes, and feel like I need to make these little artsy creations every time I scrap, but that is not at all true! I am really trying to get away from that mindset and just get this stuff done! I am behind and I really need to start getting these pages done. I haven't even done one layout about this pregnancy yet! I plan to do a couple this week though. That will be my goal for tomorrow.

I decided to go with the "less is more" approach this time around and not spend hours trying to embelish my pages. This way I was able to get two layouts done in an hour.

These pictures of Marah and Eric have been sitting on my computer for years as you can see, and I really did not like them at first. It's funny how that happens. When I first saw them I was like, okay... Eric why can't you take some nice pictures. :) But then today I was looking at them and just loved them! I realized, you know, pictures don't need to be perfect. We don't always look perfect... in fact, we rarely do! haha! So I just went for it and I thought, you know these are really cute. It's cute that Eric just got out the camera and went to town taking all thes pictures of him and Marah being silly. It's one of the things I love about him and sometimes I forget that.

So now I've documented it. I really need to get these layouts printed and in an album! I'm really bad about that. I will work on that this summer. I like to print at 8x8 so that I can get them done at walmart.

Okay, anyway, I had a major lazy day yesterday. My back was killing me all day and I just laid in bed almost all day. Marah had a lazy day too, just watching tv :) It allowed me to get the rest I needed and today I feel alot better, though I did have two cups of coffee so that helped!

I have to get some housework done today. It's really frightening how bad the place can get with just one day of doing nothing when you have a 3 year old who likes to pull out everything and drop things wherever she is standing. My kids think the floor is a garbage can. It's really frustrating. And the dishes are all dirty now. Yes, we use all our dishes in one day! I purposely only have that many dishes so that I have to do them everyday. It's a good strategy until I have a lazy day and then I have to wash dishes out of the sink as we need them.

Okay, well I better go start doing those things that need to get done! My goal today is no nap. I really should get some stuff done while Marah is napping. But it is a rainy, cloudy day so it's tough to not want to lay down! Well, I'll try anyway.

Love to all!


  1. I wish I knew how to make scrabook pages on the computer! its sooo cool. =]

  2. Ash, you need to stop apologizing when you take time to rest. Your body knows what it needs, so just do it if you need to.

    I love the pages! Can't wait to see Jenna's first creations.


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