April 28, 2008

ah the weekend

It was a nice weekend... well, weather wise it sucked but otherwise it was nice. Yeah, Friday night it was fuh-reeeezing and the wind was blowing so hard. Then Saturday morning we wake up to blizzarding conditions... um, it's less than a week til May. We were lucky though, I think we got about 2 inches of snow where in thief river falls, where we used to live and only about 50 miles east of us they got closer to 8 inches! My friend said the snow was up to her knees!!! I really want to get out of here.

Anyway, on Friday night we went to the circus. This was the worst circus I've seen since I've lived here. It was a real disappointment. However the kids loved it and had a really great time! Marah was so cute dancing to the music and they both liked the farting clown quite a bit, of course. Uncle Fred and Aunt Tera and Grandma and Grandpa came too which made the night extra special for the girls. Fred is too sweet to those girls, he is a really great uncle. Of course, they are all so good to my kids and it always fills me with warm fuzzies to see them loving on my babies. The girls got popcorn and cotton candy and some really fun neon light up toys that I'm sure cost way too much money, but Grandpa insisted.

Here are some pictures of us that night.

See, I did really good! i can't believe I took so many photos! I'm really proud of myself.

So on Saturday we brought the girls out to Fred and Tera's who kept them overnight so that Eric and I could get out on our own which we haven't done in quite awhile. That was nice. The day did not start out so great but we pushed through it and ended up having a nice time together. On Sunday Mike and Abby came out from Thief River and we saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. We ate far too much junk at the theater and Eric was sick afterward. The girls were so sad to leave Fred and Tera's as usual and cried and were depressed all evening, but once they were in bed I was able to relax and enjoy the last bit of the weekend with Eric.

Today I have a lot of housework to do so I really need to get to it. I swore to myself I would only spend an hour on the computer this morning and it has been an hour so I'm gonna go. Have a lovely day!


  1. Very cute. I sure wish I could do stuff with them like that (even though I hate the circus). Maybe one day . . .

  2. crap i mean circus.
    i dont know how i wrote sircus...im not that dumb.

  3. man i miss the sircus. and the pics are super cute! I never got to ride the elephant. but now im glad.
    i feel so sorry for them....poor elephs.
    (just watched dumbo....)

  4. Everyone looks great. Love you all!

  5. decide on a name for the little DUDE. call me i know you have my number now, ive called a few times. LAME.


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