April 17, 2008

I did it!

Here you go, several of Jenna's latest drawings. I had to pick my faves from a huge pile and it was hard but I tried to choose a variety of poses, themes, facial expressions etc.

This nurse did not appreciate her patient pigging out on junk food

Love the girl laughing her butt off there!

She got this image from The Princess Bride but instead of the grandpa reading to his grandson, the mom is reading to her daughter. This is actually part of a story she wrote. I would have posted the whole story but it's huge. Maybe one day.

Apparently, the angel bunny brought these two together!

So, Jenna went thru a period where she could not find her library books and apparently the school library was giving her a hard time. She really got stressed out about it and didn't even like library day anymore. I finally found them but she made this drawing and it cracked me up. Check out the crazy lady on the far right there. lol

This was the cover to the story she wrote. I love all the little details in this one.


I think these boy dogs have a thing for the girl on the left. I love the dog wagging it's tail.

I think this sorceress looks so cool! I think she got this from Enchanted.

Cats in love. The girl on the right is the ugly girl apparently. Jenna's been into drawing ugly girls since she saw The Producers.

She's a very brave girl.

An adorable fairy. Jenna's been into these "Rainbow Fairy" books lately.

I just love all the poses here.

Just another one I think is so cute.

Ratatouille. Check out all the detail in the foods!

Animal high school

Poor guy, he didn't stand a chance!

She drew this one last night. I just cracked up over it. She's so adorable!

Okay, there's 20 drawings. Now rave about how awesome she is LOL


  1. Wow! Now THESE were cool! I love the second one. The on on the ground laughing, and the fact that this girl being held can bend her knee forward! Ouch!

  2. Yes, I meant the "one" on the ground....

  3. Oh my gosh! These are absolutely hilarious! I, too, love the one with the girl on the ground laughing, but my favorite is the library book one. The expressions are perfect! I also really like the girl enjoying popcorn as she floats above her bed. Too funny. I can't wait to see how this talent progresses. If she's this good already, there's no telling what she will one day be able to do. Thank you for sharing! I still want her to draw a picture just for me (and your dad, of course). It would be great if she could do it on good paper and in color. I would totally frame it and hang it in my house proudly. I would do it if it were just black and white, too though.

    And now I need to get back to work, but that was a nice distraction.

    Love you!

  4. I feel that I can be the final authority about these pictures, as I receive all sorts of "artwork" all day long from kids at a variety of ages. Jenna rocks. I think I am most impressed that she knows not to overlap her lines (i.e. someone's arm doesn't blend into their long hair). :) These drawings remind me a lot of what my sister used to spend hours doing (although she was 5th/6th grade) and now my sister is on her way to becoming a very successful graphic artist. Woooot. :) And hey, snip snap snip, The Office is tonight!!!

  5. Jenna, your drawings are very good. Keep drawing!

    Love and miss you!


  6. Hey, did you know that the scorceress drawing is up there twice?

  7. holy crap!! these are SOO good!! love them! thank you for sharing these. i saw the one on your mom's blog and came right over to see the rest. that rainbow fairy one is gorgeous! all of them are so detailed. love it.

  8. looking them over again. she needs to be an illustrator for childrens books or something. i love the last one with the bed/popcorn. so freaking cute.

  9. I think these are hilarious and really cute! She even gets the heels right. I can't even do that. And I can't even draw an umbrella. She's really good!
    Love, Leah

  10. This isn't fair! How come she can draw and I can't? I love the drawlings. I really love the Enchanted drawling. She should make Giselle.

  11. now i feel like i need to start drawing again or she'll catch up to me. nah, she's already better than me.


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