April 18, 2008


Jenna had the day off today so I made the decision yesterday that I would really try to not be lazy today and do something with the girls rather than have them cooped up all day. The weather has been beautiful so I need to be better about taking advantage of it.

Anyway, I didn't take pictures... sorry :) but we went to the library this morning and picked up some new books for the girls. I found The English Roses by chance and grabbed it for Jenna. The illustrations totally remind me of her artwork:

She was pretty excited when I showed her. So hopefully she'll draw some more cute little girls... though I wish she would draw them without having to add cleavage to everyone lol!

Thank you to everyone who commented on her artwork. I read them to her and she was very proud. That meant alot to her :)

So after the library we went to the mall to return some shoes that were hurting Marah's feet. Yay for $16! Which I turned right around and spent at McDonalds getting lunch to take to the park! I honestly don't like going to the park. I just don't like the sand. I wish we had one of those cool parks with the squishy floor and no sand. I think there might be one around here, though I'm not sure... with all the snow and ice it's probably not good for it. I can't wait til it warms up enough to take the girls to the splash park again! They sure do love it there.

We went home, Marah took a nap and Jenna watched Tarzan while I got some work done. Got our cable hooked back up! no more missing The Office!!! That was rough. I can't wait til HBO starts up Season 4 of Big Love, that's when we'll turn HBO on for a bit :) I absolutely love that show!

After the cable guy came I took a nap. I slept too long. Then I woke up and our chicken was still not defrosted so I ordered Papa John's and I'm just waiting for the delivery guy cause I'm hungry!

okay, like I said, no pics of the day, but Marah did pose for me:


Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I can't believe how much Marah looks like Eric in this picture! She could be his doppleganger if she wasn't so short! : )

  2. OK, now in the second one she looks like you! So funny how that works.

  3. Big Love is a great show! annnd tell your daughters I said hello. They don't know me of course, but whatever. I still say hello.


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