November 17, 2007

A Tragic Dinner

So we were at Red Lobster tonight and the waitress brings our drinks. Mike, Abby, and I had water, the girls had Shirley Temple's and Eric had a Coke. The waitress is setting all our drinks set down and when she sets down Jenna's Shirley Temple, she drops Eric's Coke all over my poor Jenna. I mean, all over her back, her hair, in her seat, it was everywhere. Jenna was so embarrassed and I felt so bad for her. I knew she was gonna cry and I was fighting tears myself because when Jenna cries, I really feel her pain. She is so much like me and I can see in her eyes exactly how she feels.

So she's sobbing into my shoulder and I was just bent down rubbing her back and consoling her. The waitress felt so bad. Then Jenna mentioned to me that she didn't get to eat her cherry which made Abby start laughing. I mentioned this to the waitress and she brought a little bowl of maraschino cherries for Jenna. Jenna was so sweet she immediately started sharing them with Marah. It was very cute.

So Jenna took a bath as soon as she got home and she feels much better now. We are going to watch Ratatouille tonight as soon as Marah is done with her bath. Abby is bathing her right now.

Abby spent the day with me today and helped clean up the apartment and even rearrange the furniture. It looks nice in here right now and I'm anxious to finish up with the cleaning so that we can put our Christmas stuff out next weekend.

I don't really have a whole lot to blog about right now. I'm tired and have a headache because of my tooth getting pulled yesterday. Yep, another one down! One more to go. I can't stand my dentist really so I can't wait til this is all done.

I gotta work tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to. But at least it's a four day work week and I get paid for Thanksgiving day which is nice.

Be happy!

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