November 5, 2007

The Sickies

They're going around the house. First it hit Marah, the poor baby. She was so oozy and feverish she stayed home from daycare almost all last week. She seriously had the biggest, hugest eye boogies I have ever seen in my life. It was so nasty! I thought for sure she'd end up with pink eye but she didn't.

Then on Sunday Jenna got sick. She had a fever and cough with sore throat and was just miserable. She was so pathetic last night when I got home from work. She told me she was very sick. "My head hurts and my froat hurts and I'n coughing and I have a runny nose. And also my leg hurts and my finger has an owie and my tummy hurts." Pretty serious. The poor girl. She went to bed with a cool wet washcloth on her head and slept very well. She did make it to school today after a dose of ibuprofen and triaminic.

Eric has been sick as well with stomach pains. So two weeks ago he got a mild concussion on the job and had to stay home the next day. Then last week he had to miss a couple of days due to Marah staying home. Today he woke up with awful pain in his stomach and had to miss work again. So it looks like money is going to be tight this month. I worry about him. He started on prednisone again this month. This is a steroid to reduce inflamation in his stomach and bowels and is only prescribed when things get pretty bad. He does have a stricture in his bowels and so there has been talk about surgery which is never a good thing to think about. I know he's been miserable lately. It really is tough on the whole family. It makes me angry when he's sick and even though I know it's not his fault I can't help but feel bitter toward him sometimes. Then I feel awful for feeling that way. I just hate it when this disease gets in the way of our life.

I am worried that my gums may be infected where the tooth was removed. If it doesn't look better tomorrow I'm going to call the dentist for an antibiotic. Last night I drooled blood all over my pillow!

Work has been okay the past couple of days. I've started to feel more comfortable with the job so that's good.

So I haven't had time to do layouts for a couple of months now and when I try to do one I just have major creative block so I decided to purchase some premade pages yesterday and I'm so glad I did. These pages are cute and my style and I just put the photos in and I have three new pages in under an hour so I'm happy. I love the creative process of doing it myself of course, but sometimes you just need to get some pages done and that's what I did so I'm okay with that. Here are the finished pages:

So far so good on the regularly blogging huh?! And now it's 10:35 so I'm going to bed to do something good for myself.

Be happy!

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  1. So cute! I really love the way you put the photo of the red shoe in the Halloween layout.
    Can't wait to get Jenna's school picture!
    Hope you are all feeling better.
    Love you. Mom


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