November 3, 2007

Awful stuff

That vicodin is awful stuff. The worst pain reliever I've ever experienced. I took it last night and was feeling decent, woozy, but no pain. Then I took another one before I went to bed and I was up all night. I probably slept for an hour total all night... maybe 2. Anyway, it made me itch like crazy! Apparently vicodin releases histimine in your body which can make you itchy and give you hives.

I couldn't stop itching! Plus it made me tired but unable to sleep. I was on edge all night. So I have slept most of the day today. I stopped taking the stuff and have just been using Ibuprofen instead and it's been just fine. My gums are a bit swolen but not too bad and the ice packs help.

I've been starting to become worried about how well I'm going to be able to chew once I lose three teeth. I try not to think about it though, no use in worrying right?

It's my friend Landon's birthday tomorrow (and my mom's too!) so we're going out tonight. I have to go shower and get ready so this is all I have time for today. Just wanted to update you.

Oh before I go, wanna know how sweet my Jenna girl is? Yesterday I rearranged the girls bedroom so that the beds were away from the heaters and hung up my old Snow White movie poster in their room. Today I was getting Marah up from her nap and Jenna comes in and says "Thank you so much for hanging up that Snow White picture, Mom. That was very nice for you to do that. You are such a nice mom. I love you."

Love those moments.

Be happy :)


  1. You'll have to tell me how you personalized your blog! I love it!

  2. new blog, new ash. hey seastar. im on a road trip through japan before coming home. i wish i had a motorcycle. that would make this even more fun.

    ok uhhhh

    whats with the teeth falling out sentence? that was pretty random. KANKEINAI


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