February 1, 2011

September to January... What?!

Yep, I said it. I need to get these pics blogged and so I'm just gonna go for it. Maybe this chore will help me to stay on task and keep this blog updated more regularly in the future. I mean, who wants to blog five months in one sitting? Technically I could blog even more than that, but I am just gonna go by my camera's current memory card and blog back through September. So sit tight and enjoy... or skip this post if you don't care :P It's all good.


Marah started kindergarten.

Jenna baked her brother's birthday cake.

I discovered she could use some anger management counseling.

Marah frosted the cake.

I let go of some perfectionism... no, really I fixed it later.

Alex loved his first Thomas toys.

I made a banner for Alex and Marah's party.

I also bought some overpriced toys for the cake.

Marah had her friend Mya over for the party.

She looked cute as usual.

Alex loved blowing out the candles.

Alex got some Toy Story matchbox cars. So cute.

My girl looked so old!

Marah was so excited to get the baby doll she had been wanting.

She also liked the cooking set from Nana and Papa.

Alex enjoyed it, too.


We had an impromptu Monster House movie night.

Scary faces?

Always scary.

Always cute.

Annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

My loves.

Auntie Tera with the little buddy.

The haunted trail was scary!!

My girl.


I like him.

Visit to Aberdeen.

Zion and Marah.

Cutie pie nerds.

Ready for the Nerd-o-Rama.

We're cool.

sigh... too cute.

My nerdy sister-in-law.

Alex got up to crash the karaoke.

Rosa was the cutest grown-up nerd :)

Karaoke with dad. Too much cuteness.

Prepping for Zombie Prom.

Rosa getting zombified.

Zombie bride.

Zombie bride and zombie fairy :)

He's all mine.

Zombie love. Don't judge.

Best family portrait of the year.

Old man jammies. Bwahaha.

Jenna's art.

Halloween cupcakes.

My boy got his hairs cut.

Trick or Treat time!

Alex was in heaven!


Not much to report for November. We just did one craft (so sad).

Jenna's art.

Got my craft room cleaned for the first time ever. Glad I took a picture cause it was trashed again in about 2 weeks.

My brother came to visit, already blogged about it.


The only time this winter that I have taken Alex outside to play.

Made a seahorse plush for my friend's baby.

Made a pirate silky blanket for same baby.

Made the best peanut butter cookies ever.

Introduced Alex to watercolor.

Jenna made Marah a crayon plushie for Christmas.

The Christmas movies made their rotation on family movie nights.

We loved staring at the tree, as usual.

I made some cute headbands.

We frosted spiced cookies.

Marah and Mya played make over.

Alex started sleeping "in" his toddler bed.

Marah wanted to show off every make up item she got in the kindergarten gift exchange.

Night Before Christmas. It's tradition.

Photo in front of the tree on Christmas Eve. It's tradition.

Jenna left Santa a note this year.

Jenna got her Moxie Girl.

Marah got her "lip flosh" and nail polish and body spray.

Alex got a computer.

The girls with the dolls I made them.

I made the BEST ham ever in the history of the world. No lie.

My wonderful second family spent Christmas at our house and it was great.


Alex thinks Grandma is awesome. I have to agree.

I think Alex is awesome.

The way to dress when it's time to go outside.

My best friend had her 8th baby.

Marah lost both of her front teeth at the same time.

Whew! Okay, don't let me get that behind again! I need to be better about taking pictures again, too. I've really been bad about that the past few months. Now, on to the other things that need to get done. I had a very sick little girl on Sunday and she stayed home from school yesterday and so I am so behind on everything and I need to get back on track. Ready, set, go.

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  1. Ash, this was so fun to read and look at. I love the way you sprinkle humor in to your writing. You're really very good at it. Thanks for sharing the photos!
    Love you!


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