February 15, 2011

Another Sick Day

My little girl. She's been sick so many times this year. Is it because she's in school instead of at home? I don't like it. She was just sick last week with a stomach bug and then, early this morning, she comes into my room with desperation in her voice "Mommy! I'm going to fro-up!"

Quick rush to the bathroom, hold her sweet hair back from her face and watch as she heaves over the toilet. I have never felt sick to my stomach while watching my kids puking... until now. I thought I was going to lose it! Then, when I thought the worst was over, she sobs "I pooped!" and I look down and see it on the bathroom mat and wonder how the dog managed to do that without me noticing. That's when I see it showing through her pajama pants and I feel so badly for her.

I had to wake Eric up and he helped me get her cleaned up while I started laundry. It was right after he started her bath and laid back down that Alex woke up screaming because he had fallen out of bed. Then the dog started whining to go out. It was a fun morning. sigh.

Marah was in a great mood today, despite the troubles of the morning and so the day ended up being far more easy-going than I had first anticipated.

Alex is not used to having a puppy running around the house. He is okay with her when she is at a distance or just sitting/laying around, but when she starts trotting after him he screams and runs away. He'll come around, right? It's kind of funny. This evening, she was sleeping on the floor and Alex called to me, "Mama? Pemmy." Then he got down on the floor next to her and started poking her belly and calling out to her "Pemmy! Wake up!" and she just slept through it. It was pretty cute :)

Well, besides a few photos, I don't have much else to share. Plus it's late and the laundry just finished up so it's time to switch it to the dryer, load the washer back up, take the dog out, and go to bed!
She doesn't look sick, does she?

I see you!!

Aw... puppy love.

Lady Penelope :P

Make each day count!

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  1. I know it's actually sad, but that story about Marah cracked me up. Krista actually threw up several times Sunday night, so she was sick on Valentine's day. But she was better by Tuesday, and has been fine ever since. I have no idea what made her sick.
    That dog is hilarious!


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