February 1, 2011


Looks like it's time for my monthly recap! :P Well, I'm sorry about that. I wonder how many times one can proclaim they'll be better about blogging before people stop reading? I wonder if I've already hit that mark? I guess I'll be finding out.

While I haven't been writing many blog entries, I have been reading plenty of them and I actually have gotten some great insight into why my blogging fails and how to be better about keeping up with it without sacrificing hours of each day. I have a problem with perfection and that leaves me wanting to not even start for fear that I will be at it all day in an effort to make it perfect. This snowballs into a mess of a blog entry that tries to cover weeks of activity but ends up so half-hearted and pathetic that I am embarrassed to post it. However, I have to post something because I actually do keep this blog in order to archive my memories, not simply because I hope lots of people will find some interest in what I have to say (though there is a vain part of me that hopes that, too).

So, I'm working on becoming more organized and I'm thinking of how to keep this blog updated without overwhelming myself. It's happening folks, I promise, it's just a very slow process for me. Probably made even more difficult due to the winter blues I am feeling right now. Winter sucks.

So here's to making this blog work for me!

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