May 16, 2010

Water Play

It was a beautiful day on Friday so we all went outside to play. Alex is a tough little bugger to take outside because he is always wanting to run out into the street, so I set a bucket of water on the sidewalk in front of the porch to keep him entertained. The kid loves water! He started splashing in it and that, of course, got all the kids interested in playing with the water. Not much better than a water fight on a hot day... except a swimming pool, but we don't have one of those :)

I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but we used to have these terrible neighbors living below us (we share a house that was converted to a duplex where the top level is one home and the bottom is another). So when our old neighbors moved out I was so relieved and excited, but nervous, about getting new neighbors! Thankfully, I can happily say, our new neighbors have been great! It has been so wonderful seeing all the kids get along so well and it has taken so much stress away from my daily life.

So anyway, here are the pics from the water fun-

Make each day count!

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