May 14, 2010


Geesh, where'd the week go?! I just realized I haven't posted since Sunday and even then, just a photo! I'll admit, I've been busy. The school year is winding down and, while we home school year round, everything seems to be coming to an end with ceremonies and what not.

Marah, in her Cubbies vest, watching Jenna's Awana award ceremony
Jenna accepting her participation award (she almost finished her book this year)

I've been working on lesson plans for the summer/fall which will go until Thanksgiving and then we will break from lesson plans and just freestyle learn through winter. After two years of homeschooling I have learned that winter just isn't a good time of year to try to have structured learning. Not even going to try it this year.

Anyway, I've got Science all figured out and a pretty good idea of History lessons. Also planning to incorporate Shakespeare, Fine Arts, Health, and Bible. With Bible comes a lot of history anyway, and then we will be picking our read-alouds and silent readers. Of course, not every subject will be covered every day, at least, not scheduled every day. If the kids get really into a certain subject then we will spend more time on that and less time on others or whatever. That's the beauty of homeschooling.

Things are pretty good here. Money is super tight (and looks like we may need to tighten up even more because we just found out that money we were counting on will be likely delayed by a few weeks) but we're hanging in there. Eric just finished his first year of college and will be continuing this summer so we're very proud of him! Jenna has her Brownie Fly Up ceremony next week where she will become a Junior Girl Scout and she is very excited about that. Marah is a typical five year old, full of questions all day long. Alex is charming as always and still isn't talking so we might have to get that checked out soon.

So there you go :) We are doing well. And finally, a few random shots I took of Miss Marah today (showing off, as usual)!

Make each day count!

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  1. Wow, sounds like you've been busy. Tell Jenna congratulations on becoming a Junior Girl Scout! Marah's looking more and more like Eric every day! Luckily she got the good parts. : )


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