May 3, 2010

Little Poser

My girls are away at a two night sleepover with my dear friend, Elizabeth's, family. She offered to take both of them and, while I am a little worried about how Marah will handle being gone for two days, they were both so excited to go and I could use the time to get some planning done here at home.

Anyway, this afternoon I caught Marah looking at a book and she just looked so cute that I had to pull out my camera. I tried to be discreet about it so that I could catch a few candid moments but Jenna loudly asked me what I was going to take pictures of and that peaked Marah's curiosity. So instead of catching candid moments, I caught these four very posed moments from my girl. She's quite the little actress it seems!

Yes, every one of these photos was completely staged with no direction from the photographer. Hilarious. :)

Make each day count!


  1. To cute! And just so you know, Marah is doing great :-) Have a relaxing couple days. Love ya.

  2. I almost wish you hadn't told us they were posed. It would have been so awesome to think they were candid shots! They look real, which is indeed, a testament to her modeling talent. : )

  3. she is a little actress indeed. its always nice to see kids involved in a book!

  4. My kids always know when I'm taking their picture, even if they act like they don't! Nice shots though.

  5. Too funny! I always try to sneak up, as well, but usually get caught. I've tried to get them to do re-enactments, but usually just wind up saying "Ah, I'll catch them next time!" :)


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