May 8, 2010

Spring Party

Today we celebrated Spring! The girls have been begging me to have a Spring party and I have been putting it off because I either forget until the day I promised comes along (oops!) or because it has been raining. Finally today I decided it was do or die time! It was still cold and windy today but at least the sun was shining. There was nothing super frivolous about this party, just a simple time of celebration of Spring.

We had a picnic on our new picnic quilt with meat and cheese and crackers (Marah's request) and raspberries and Dr. Pepper. It was seriously cold out there so the girls were snuggled up under a blanket, but we still enjoyed the time together and Marah and I stayed out there for quite awhile just chatting about future celebrations and watching the birds in the tree above us.

We also baked a simple box cake (again, nothing frivolous) with some vanilla frosting and springy sprinkles, had a pizza night and cherry 7Up floats, plus made some cute decorations that I think we'll keep up for awhile.

For the mini stained "glass" effect we cut out black cardstock and laid it on top of some clear Contact paper. Then we sprinkled tissue paper confetti on top of the sticky paper. Another layer of Contact paper was placed on top to seal it together.

For the tissue paper pomanders I took 8 sheets of tissue paper and accordion folded it lengthwise in 1 inch increments. Then I used a twist tie to clip them together with some matching ribbon for a hanger. Cut the ends either rounded or pointed (I tried both) and then fluff it all out for a very pretty, dramatic, and cheap party decoration! Cut the paper in half to make the mini balls. I can't wait to make more of these for future parties, they really dress up the room AND don't deflate or smell weird (like balloons, which Eric can't stand)!

Make each day count!

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  1. Odd, I posted a comment...and it's not here. But I had commented that a trip to the dollar tree was in order, because your decor is super cute and my girls would love to make some!

    AND thank you for the mother's day greetings - i am farther behind than you are and hoping to make a little video to send my mother via flickr :D


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