March 29, 2010

Taking It All In

My boy is one of those who just gets into everything. I basically have to be on my guard during his every waking moment. Naptime and bedtime can be quite blissful for me because I get to unwind a little bit and not be constantly worrying or wondering about what he's getting into when he's out of my sight.

Our pantry gets emptied throughout the day, paper bits get torn and scattered all over the floor, baking pans find their way across the kitchen linoleum, the second the bathroom door opens he makes his way in there and if someone forgets to close the door on their way out he will, inevitably, be found splashing in the toilet. He falls off the table, off the chairs, off the school desks, off the bed, and down the stairs. The TV, computer, and video game systems are his favorite toys and he takes every opportunity that we might forget to put things out of his reach to grab and destroy. He pulls chairs into the kitchen and has been found, on many occasion, wielding a butcher knife and chopping away at the counter.

This evening he pulled his little rocking chair into the kitchen without me noticing until I heard the sound of liquid spilling onto the floor. I turned toward the kitchen to see him splashing in the tea from my teacup which he had dumped out onto the counter. Arrrgggghhhh! So frustrating! Instead of my usual anger I responded with a bit of laughter and grabbed my camera. Really, how could I not?

Sometimes he really exhausts me. I think he demands a lot more of my attention than the girls did at this age. He's a pretty happy and content little boy, but he is just always busy and very curious. I am so blessed... so very, very blessed to have him in my life. I say a prayer of gratitude to God every night before I lay him in bed. This family I have, it's really pretty special and amazing.

Make each day count!


  1. the mom who loves youMarch 29, 2010 at 9:27 PM

    That is so cute! He's completely clueless, and happily enjoying his tea. Hilarious!

  2. I could tell he thought it was pretty cool that I got out the camera cause he knows he did something naughty :)
    PS He smelled like gingerbread afterward!

  3. I feel ya! My son was just like that. He will be 5 in June. I don't have to be "on guard" constantly anymore. But, I still don't let him out of my sight for too long. ;) The pics are too cute.

  4. I so get it! For about five minutes after my monkeys go to bed, I'm letting out a huge sigh and letting myself relax. However, pretty soon thereafter, I'm itching to go wake them up so we can play some more. :)

  5. LOL That is so Alex! Too cute, and great job not letting it get to you. For me those moments are hit and miss. Sometimes I have to hold back not freaking out and sometimes I can just laugh about it. kids are so wonderful.


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