March 28, 2010

Springtime for Hitler and Germany

Oh, Spring has sprung and I couldn't be happier! The kids can finally play outside without taking 30 minutes to get ready and even though I have to deal with muddy clothes and lots of baths, I'm okay with that. Another thing I'm loving this spring more than previous years is that I am more in shape than I have been in previous spring seasons and that means I feel more up to going out and playing with my kids.

I'm starting up running again, though I do need to get new shoes, and while I can't run for 30 minutes straight like I could in August, I am still going to start up the Couch to 5K program again. I'm excited to be starting in March rather than May like I did last year. It should mean that I'll be ready to run some 5K fun runs this summer! Marah and I even ran to the park today while I pushed Alex in the stroller and I was still able to run and play on the field while we were there. Maybe that seems like a small thing to some but, at 200 lbs. (and working on it), it's a big deal for me!

So this spring has started out with lots of this-

and this-

and this-

Marah got hit in the face with a soccer ball

reminds me so much of my cousin, Scott

the faces this kid makes... cracks me up!

Jenna has a new friend from the apartments behind our house.

I think I'm out of my funk... and I'm loving it. :)

Make each day count!


  1. :) Isn't the return to the park wonderful!?

  2. So happy to hear you are running again and liking it! Love the pics.
    I'm going to be posting our pics from today soon. Yard work, chopping wood for the camp fire and supper outside. Such a wonderful day.

  3. The anonymous person in me...Elizabeth heehee Don't know why that keeps happening.

  4. loved looking at the pics. Hopefully will be doing more exercise soon have to see about my back with an MRI I have been having some leg/back pain sooo.

  5. So much fun and I'm not there. Miss you all very much. Wish we could be there.

    Love you all,


  6. Looks like a great introduction to spring! We, too, were enjoying all there was to enjoy about the beautiful weather, until the skies darkened and we haven't seen the sun for a few days! Oh well...the sun will return and we'll be right out there!


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