March 23, 2010

Quick Snapshot

I have been keeping busy trying to get my home in order and get out of my funk so I just wanted to pop in and update with a few little snapshots of what's been going on around here the last week.

It was Girl Scout birthday week and Jenna's troop had a party for which we were responsible for bringing the cake or cupcakes. They all loved what we did with the cupcakes and Jenna's troop leader told me that she knew I'd do something creative! That made me feel like a good mommy :)

Eric surprised us with this little note the other day to which I replied "awww..." and to which Jenna replied with the bottom sentiment, including the beating heart with veins. heh....

As you can see, our yard is quite a lovely sight at this time of year! Doesn't stop Marah from playing out there or Alex from watching intently from the living room window.

The girls do adore the little guy. When he's not sneaking into their room for a good ransacking, that is.

Alex found a bag of buns and sneaked a few. I found him sitting contentedly in this chair with his snack and Spongebob.

Eric is busy with school and work and when he's home he plays Xbox or PS3 or snuggles on the couch with us to watch TV or movies. Jenna keeps busy with Girl Scouts and Awana and speech therapy and drawing and video games. Marah is always talking, loving Awana, learning so much and surprising me with what she knows every day. Alex cracks me up all day long! He makes life so much fun. He is all boy but still loves a good snuggle and giving kisses is one of his favorite things to do. Gotta love that.

As for me, I'm in spring cleaning mode! The sun has been coming out to play more and more often and the anticipation of God's green magnificence has begun to fill me up. I've been working on spending less time in front of the computer and more time with my family. I've also been reading a lot more often. I'm thinking of trying to start running again but I don't know if my feet will be up for it.

Oh anyway, I really should get going. The day awaits! Make it count :)


  1. Sounds like our home these days. Everyone is busy with something, but we always managed to find each other for some snuggles and love. :)

  2. Your cupcakes WOULD rock. :) Way cute. And I still love the paisley chair.

  3. Those are AMAZING looking cupcakes! Looks like something you'd pay $4 for! =)


  4. So I was looking at your list of "friends who blog" and I see that I am nowhere to be found. What's up with that?! ;-) Love ya

  5. Too funny! I was looking for 1plus1...and didn't see it so I had to give you a hard time. Then I found it under My Uneventful Life. haha oops! :-)


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