March 6, 2010

Loving this stuff

Things I'm loving lately:

1. Smartipants cloth diapers- love, love, love. Seriously, I can't say enough wonderful things about them. I'm so glad I invested in them when we got our tax refund! They have made me ditch disposables altogether because they hold it all in with no leaks even after a 12 hour bedtime stretch!

2. Rockin' Green laundry detergent- so many wonderful scents, a fabulous owner who gives great customer service AND makes this stuff from her own home! I love being able to support the little guy, especially when the little guy creates such amazing stuff! Never have our diapers smelled so fresh. It's love.

3. Moonlight Path scented body spray from Bath and Body Works- I love that when I wear it I can smell it only subtly. It's not overpowering. It has a note of musk in there which is pretty much my favorite. Plus, I can smell it on myself when I wake up in the morning and I enjoy it.

4. Rainbows- no, we haven't seen any around here lately (still got some time before that happens) but we've been painting them and I just really enjoy putting things in rainbow order. It brings me happiness. It's the little things folks. :)

5. Sophie Madeleine- oh, the love I have for this artist is bordering on teenage crushdom! I mean, I know she's a she and all, but I just want to meet her and get all giddy and excited and blabber about how amazing her music is and, and, and... yeah. It's like that. Please, please, please, PLEASE check her out. I would have never thought I'd enjoy a ukulele so very much. Only $5 to download her happy, pretty, sweet, fun, lively, adorable album. So go do it!

6. Big Love- this show just gets me every time! I cannot believe it is already time for the season finale. It's just one of those shows where I get wrapped up in nearly every character and their emotions and their fake little complicated lives and I sit on the edge of my seat and I look over at Eric with my mouth gaping wide. I love that.

7. Swag Bucks- It's kinda hard to believe that all I have to do is use Swag Bucks as my search engine and it will give me points with which I can get free stuff, but it's true! My favorite prize is the $5 gift cards which are only 450 Swag Bucks. I'm saving them up because it's the best way for me to be able to buy gifts for people (and a little something for myself on the side) without worrying about being able to afford it. Go and join and get your friends to join. Just click the links in this paragraph or the button in my sidebar. You'll love it.

8. Hummus and Pita Chips- Oh my goodness. I discovered this awesome Sabra roasted red pepper hummus at Sam's Club last weekend and it is so good! I've been eating it with Kangaroo Pita Chips (I used to buy Stacy's but I'm gonna stick with these because they're a bit lighter and not as hard on my teeth) and it's just delight. Yummmm.

What about you?

Make each day count!

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  1. Those SmartyPants look really great! I've always used disposables, but as we talk about adding a fourth monkey to the brood, cloth diapers are something I'm heavily considering. Thanks for the recommendation!


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