April 8, 2010

Leftover Ham Idea by Amanda

My cousin, Mandy (Amanda), posted this clever idea to use up your leftover ham by making pot pies! I loved the idea and copied her but made mine in a pie plate because I don't have that awesome mini loaf pan (though, now I want it!) and made a simple gravy out of beef stock and flour instead of using a cream soup (since I didn't have any). It's cooking now, smells awesome and took me about 5 minutes to chop all the veggies and ham and throw it in the oven.

I've got two large bundles of ham in the freezer still so I'll be making this one again I'm sure!

And while you're over there, go enter her giveaway for the book This Little Prayer of Mine!

Make each day count!


  1. So how did it turn out?

  2. I got the mini loaf pan from Pampered Chef... you can too! ;)

  3. Ooh, yum. Try split pea soup, too. That's my favorite left-over ham recipe. Made an awesome batch last week. Oh... green soup. Mmm.

  4. I made some ham and potato soup over the weekend that was really good. My next batch of ham I have been trying to think of what to do with it, maybe I'll try split pea. do you have a tried and true recipe?


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