April 20, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite

We're taking the Outdoor Challenge, are you? Check out 5 Orange Potatoes for more details!

Almost missed out on this beautiful day today by waiting until 7:00 pm before I took the kids outside. Granted, they spent most of the day playing outside without me, but still I want to get out there with them every day. So I decided to take advantage of a windy day and let the kids fly their new kites that they got for Easter.

We have a really retro park with the metal playground and the creaky old swings just a block away and while it's not the best playground ever, it does have a soccer field which is clear of trees and perfect for kite flying.

The girls had a lot of fun watching their kites soar on the breeze and Alex got a good laugh out of the event as well. We stuck around and played on the slide and swings afterward and got to enjoy the lovely song of a Robin that stuck around in a tree for quite sometime to keep us entertained.

I have to say, taking the kids out and doing fun things with them has sure been earning me a lot more "I love you's" and that is always something to smile and be grateful for.

Make each day count!


  1. We need to get out our kites sometime soon. I'll have to find a nice clear spot to fly them though. It does look like that field worked perfectly for kite flying!

  2. My husband would love that park. He hates modern "safe" parks and misses the old metal ones. I for one don't miss getting scalded on the slides. I love seeing Alex smile!


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