January 6, 2009

Project 365

I'm gonna try it again. It's hard to remember to take that picture each day and I keep saying that I will put a little note by the computer but each day passes and I forget to do that. So far though, I have remembered my one picture each day. So I'm gonna keep on going with it. Then I suppose I'll do a scrapbook page either each week or each month, haven't decided yet.

I'm not going to get fancy and do a separate blog though. That's just more work than I can handle right now. So in the interest of keeping things simple, I'll just post them here when I remember to. I am keeping up with it daily on Facebook though, just check out my January album there if you want to see it each day. Anyway, here's days 1-5 of January.

January 1- The last piece of Lefse

January 2- Cranium Family Edition Team Jenna and Eric take the win

January 3- Sleepy Marah cuddles with her daddy

January 4- Just lovin' on my boy

January 5- The adoration between them is mutual

And yes, Christmas stuff is coming, as well as New Years. I tell you, it's very hard for me to get back into my groove after a holiday. It happened after Thanksgiving too. It's bad. I need to get better about it.

Eric and I started watching Heroes recently on Netflix instant queue which we can access through xbox live. We got all caught up and are ready to go for Season 4 which starts the Monday after the Superbowl. We were very surprised to find ourselves really enjoying it!

We also started watching Lost a few months ago and LOVED it as well! Funny how you hear about shows so often and just don't have any interest in them but then get going on it and just cannot stop! So we're trying to get all caught up on it (4 seasons worth!) before Season 5 premieres on the 21st. Not that you really care, but that's how interesting my life is right now! :)

Not a whole lot else going on. We're learning about life cycles in science here and I think we're going to start reading Charlotte's Web next week. I need to get to the library and return some overdue books. I owe like $15 in fines so that's not good. I think we're also going to do some health work this week. Talking about the importance of brushing teeth and bathing and making a schedule because I will admit... I'm not doing a good job of teaching this stuff. I'm also planning a little bit of government lessons to get the kids interested in the upcoming inauguration. I've had to help them learn that Barack Obama is not the President just yet and that there have been many Presidents before him. So we're learning about the Presidency which is hard for me to put into terms that children can understand, especially since I do not know a whole lot about government myself.

But this is what I love about homeschooling. I get to learn new things too! For example, I recently learned that octopus eggs are about the size of a grain of rice and when the octopusses hatch, they are only the size of a flea! I also learned that the octopus mother dies when her eggs hatch and the octopusses are left to fend for themselves in that great expanse of ocean where only about 6% will survive to adulthood. I thought that was pretty interesting :)


  1. very interesting Ashley. Thanks for sharing. You are braver than I! My kids are so much smarter than me, I'm afraid I'd hold them back in home school! LOL!

  2. The picture of Alex with his eyes wide reminds me of so many photos of Jenna as a baby with wide eyes. So cute!


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