January 17, 2009

a better idea

I'm gonna do a project 52 instead. :) yes, already giving up on the photo a day but I think I can manage one a week.

And I'll update this here blog thing soon too. But not right now cause I've got mouths to feed. Just wanted to come post Alex's 17 week photo before I forget!

And the little guy seriously just puked a big chunk on my leg so I've gotta run! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh and Mom and Dad, that's a full res photo if you click it so you can print it if you like.

  2. look at that face!!! you sure have yourself a handsome boy! i cannot believe he's 17 weeks already :O

  3. He's seriously the most beautiful baby in the world (except for you and Ryan, of course). I'm printing the photo now!

  4. woah he still has such blue eyes, i guess it means he's keeping em?


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