January 26, 2009

A few more pics

My mom asked for more pics so I'm back to share a few more. I finally got around to editing another from week 17:

And a couple more from last week (18 weeks/4 months!)

I really need to go through all my pictures and get some printed out and hung up. My walls are still SO bare it's ridiculous! I have been saying this since Marah was a baby though. I hope that one day soon I'll follow through with it!

Yesterday Jenna FINALLY had her first Girl Scouts meeting/event. She was SO excited! Her troop went rock climbing at the mall and she had so much fun! She said she was a little scared but she did it anyway. She even climbed the most difficult wall! I only was able to get two pictures before they even started because during the climbing I was not there. Her troop leader did say that she would be sure to take lots of pictures though, so hopefully I can get some of her actually climbing the wall emailed to me.

Here she is all harnessed up in front of the wall:

And here the troop listens to this guy tell them a few safety rules:

I'm hoping that tomorrow I can run down to the office to pick up her sash and patches/pins that she needs and her books. It's very exciting for me too! I always wanted to Girl Scouts so now I get to live vicariously through her :)

Today has just been a nice, relaxing day. I took a nap in the late morning and when I woke up I saw that Eric had cleaned up which is always a nice surprise :) and other than that I've just been hanging out, enjoying a day with the whole family and not having to worry about doing anything.

Alright, Marah is begging to use the computer so I'm gonna sign off for now. Later!


  1. I enjoyed this. Thanks!

    Love you all,


  2. I didn't know you wanted to be a girl scout! I feel really bad now. I'm glad Jenna gets to be one. How cute! I was a Brownie for awhile. I remember decoupaging (sp?) a plaque with John F. Kennedy's face on it for Mom for Mother's Day. Hilarious. Her reaction to it was priceless. Even as a little kid, I knew she didn't like it. (she's an ultra Republican, which I didn't know anything about at the time--I just knew he used to be the President and that, when he was killed, the whole country was sad). Memories.

  3. Jenna is in Brownies this year and next year. Mom, that story is too cute! I could totally see making a scrapbook page about that! :)


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