January 9, 2009

A bit about me right now

I am: sleepy at 11 pm but not ready for bed

I think: he will never understand.

I have: cold feet

I dislike
: Call of Duty

I miss: my old self

I fear: losing the ones I love. and flying.

I feel: unfulfilled

I hear: Jenna coughing

I smell: my rootbeer float lip gloss

I crave: junk food

I cry: often

I usually: can be found stalking Facebook at 1 am

I search: for fulfillment

I wonder: all the time

I regret: things I care not to write about here

I wish: I had a housekeeper, mm-hmm.

I love: my Jesus, my family, my extended family, and junk food ;)

I care: enough to send the very best.

I always: have a backache, feel sleepy, worry too much, am behind on housework.

I worry: too much.

I am not: organized, scheduled, good at math

I remember: not much it seems. my memory is terrible now.

I believe: in the Lord, Jesus Christ. And the sanctity of marriage.

I listen: well

I sing: far less often than I used to.

I don't always: remember to pray, give my kids the attention they need

I write: on my blog and sometimes I journal in books and write poetry but not as often as I once did.

I win: at board games

I LOSE: at most video games when I'm up against Eric.

I don't understand
: electronic junk. I can work it once it's plugged in but I hate dealing with set up and wires and all that.

I can usually be found: in my computer chair or just basically at home. I don't get out much.

I need: a break. A getaway. I'd love a girl getaway.

I forget: too many things, but not the important things.

I am happy: to be mom to the three sweetest kids on Earth and wife to the perfectly imperfect man of my dreams :)

IF I DIED TODAY: God help my husband!


  1. i'm sorry that i do not share your views on call of duty. :) <333

  2. I love you you phrased you love being a wife to the perfectly imperfect man of my dreams! That's cool!

  3. excuse me . . . I love HOW you phrased . . . i don't speak good!

  4. but you do love me right? ;)

  5. i love your answers- i can relate to a lot of them!

  6. reading some of these made me sad... i'll go on a girly getaway with you!

  7. writing some of them made me sad too. Sometimes I hate filling these types of things out cause I don't want people to think I'm trying to be like... "woe is me" you know? :) but I want to be honest and I want to remember these days and the truth is that a lot of the time I'm just lonely. But overall, I know that I am blessed :)

  8. BS! you're fishing for something... ;)


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